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Shoshin Works

Global authorities in workforce ecosystem strategy and management. 


Our story began in 2013 at General Electric, where our founder launched and scaled a global workforce ecosystem to help accelerate, expand, and improve the outcomes of enterprise digital transformation. 


Operating in her capacity as Global Open Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing Director, and as Founder of GE GeniusLink and GE Fuse – our founder cultivated a world-renown workforce ecosystem that connected millions of resources and unlocked over $6 billion in financial impact. 


Inspired by what was learned and achieved - our founder launched Shoshin Works and committed to advancing the theory and practice of workforce ecosystems.   

Our Expert Operating System is an exceptionally unique methodology which helps organizations understand, design and deploy workforce ecosystem models. 


Integrating open innovation, open talent and open procurement.

Unlocking the boundaries of internal and external resource orchestration.

Aligning capabilities with strategy through mapping, foresight and development.

Delivering organizational elasticity, speed, precision, resilience.


Optimizing performance, elevating the human experience.



About our Founder

Valued for her record of creating and scaling transformational business models, serving on advisory boards for Platform and Talent Economy companies and as an advisor and founding member for Open Assembly.  Her award-winning thought leadership has been showcased in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired, Harvard Innovation Lab, Harvard Analytics curriculum, MIT Sloan, Singularity University, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Nikkei Business, UC Berkeley World Open Innovation Conference, Ecosystems 2030, CIO Review, Slush, keynote speaking engagements and podcasts.

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Georgia, USA

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