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Research Corpus & Process

The Research Corpus for this project comprises of :


  • 150+ expert interviews

  • 40+ open innovation submissions

  • 8k+ news articles ingested

  • 2k+ scholar published papers ingested

  • 20k+ patents analysed

  • R&D investment analysis on the top 25 aeronautics firms globally

  • Start-up ecosystem analysis of 1000+ aviation start-ups

Using AI to amplify the power of the crowd!

  • Speech to text transcription AI

  • Algorithmic identification of relevant materials

  • ML algorithm for web information extraction and formatting

  • AI Entity Identification

  • AI Sentiment Analysis

  • AI Text Summarization

  • Development of 90+ API sources for information extraction

  • No-SQL / JSON database - ~1million objects established and indexed for future reference

Background & Backdrop

According to Shell Futures, below are the forecasted population trends building through to 2100.

We should expect new players in the sphere of rapid GDP growth. As Europe, Japan and Brazil slow, Africa is picking up pace. The combination of expanding population and better economic output is worth following. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to be seen on these trends. Prior to the pandemic, we also observed dramatic increase in GDP from lower and middle income demographics

Ecosystem Creation for Analysis
Emerging Trends
Major Industry Player Trends
Technology Zoom